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The Main Gym

maingymiconJust because we’re a low-cost gym doesn’t mean there is any compromise in the quality of equipment. In fact our facility boasts some of the best machines from Life Fitness, Technogym, Hammer Strength, Nautilus and Jordan.

The Main Gym area is is kitted out with selectorised machines and olympic free weights, including FIVE squat/power racks. Two seperate dumbbell areas, with dumbells from 1-50Kg. Cable machines, Hammer Strength plate loaded equipment, cardio equipment and a functional zone.

The Ladies Gym

maingymiconIn addition to the main gym there’s a separate ladies only gym. It’s still equipped with the highest spec equipment, treadmills, bikes, cross-trainers and rowers.

There’s selectorised machines to work your major muscle groups, floor matts for stretching and core-strength and a 1-10Kg dumbbell rack.

Traditional Saunas

maingymiconSaunas are used both for recreational and therapeutic purposes, with most people using to them relax, as well as for their health benefits.

We have seperate male & female saunas located in their respective changing rooms. They’re an excellent way to relax and unwind after a workout or just for their own sake.. no workout neccessary.

Tanning Units

maingymiconOne lie down and one vertical tanning untils. These are professional high power units, in fact at over 16KW our lie down bed is probably the most powerful bed in the area.

We often get asked why are our tannng sessions so cheap? Well we dont have to charge the ‘usual’ prices you would pay in a dedicated salon because we dont have to pay for any expensive overheads, our gym business already takes care of that, so you get the very best at the lowest prices.

Inductions & Persoanl Training

maingymiconOkay we have great kit but what use is that to you if you’ve never been to a gym before and aren’t really sure what to do? With so much choice it can be pretty over-whelming…

As part of your membership, when you join we strongly recommend that if you are new to all of this that you get an induction with one of our staff, no extra charge, it’s included with your membership.

If you want a more dedicated service, then we have personal trainers available to give you a more personal and tailored workout experience.