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GymSync Update :: Important

Some of our members say they are not getting notifications from the GymSync app when reserve spaces become available.

If you are experiencing this problem it might be that you need to update your GymSync app (last updated 18th December 2014)

You can check which version you are using by going to your phone settings>apps>gymsync. The latest version is 1.5.0. Also while you’re checking this you should verify the ‘show notifications’ box is also checked.

If you’re running a version below 1.5.0 please update your app. This only applies to phone apps and not to those of you using the web based system online.


Other Important GymSync and Class Booking Info


Approved users may to use the app to book classes up to 7 days in advance. If necessary you may also cancel classes you have reserved by using the app.

You have up to one hour before the class to cancel your booking, this at least gives anyone on the reserve list a bit of an opportunity to get in.

Please arrive in good time for the class. If the class has started you will forfeit your booking and may not be allowed entry.

Please let us know at reception when you are here to attend a class so we may check you in. Failure to attend and check into a class you have booked will be recorded as a no show. If you fail to show on two occasions in a seven day period you will be temporarily suspend from the app for 6 days.

Suspended from the app does not mean you are suspend from attending classes but while suspended you do lose the privilege of booking up to 7 days in advance, instead you may book at reception or phone up to TWO days in advance if there are still spaces on the class.


Important Note for Short Term Members


We will endeavour to send you a reminder via text and/or email shortly before your membership expires*. If you wish to renew your membership please be sure to arrange it before it actually expires because once your membership has expired, any class space you have reserved after your expiry will be deleted without further notice in order to free space for current members.

*It is your responsibility to note when your membership expires. Sometimes technology fails so please do not solely rely on receiving an email or text to remind you.


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