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Direct Debit
Minimum three months
 Cancel anytime thereafter
04 Weeks
Equivalent to £8.75/wk
 Non-recurring payment
06 Weeks
Equivalent to £8.25/wk
 Non-recurring payment


Frequently Asked Questions
What's Included?

Membership includes use of the gym, sauna, showers and changing facilities during all our opening hours. Final entry to the facilities is 45 minutes before closing.

Monthly (Direct Debit) Membership.

Your first month is paid in advance by cash/card when you join. Subsequent payments are debited from your bank account on the same day each month as when you joined (e.g. join on the 7th and your account is debited every month on the 7th). This membership will run for a minimum period of three months, you may cancel anytime thereafter. As you need to physically sign a standing order mandate, monthly memberships can only be created in store.

4, 6 & 10 Week Membership.

These short term membership periods are payable in full in advance by cash/card. It is a non-recurring payment, no bank details are required.

Suspending & Freezing Membership.

All memberships run as one continuous period of time. Due to the short term nature of our membership options we do not permit any freezing, suspending or deferment of membership for any reason including holiday, accident or sickness. It may be possible to terminate your membership agreement under certain cicumstances. Please refer to the Membership Agreement Terms & Conditions for full detials.

Other Membership Options Available in Store
Junior Membership.

Persons aged 16, 17, 18 qualify for our junior rate which is £25 for 4 weeks gym only membership. Photo ID with your date of birth is required when joining.

NUS Membership

If you are a full time student, with a proper NUS card and are aged 24 or under you qualify for our NUS rates. Click here for NUS rates»

Single Sessions

One off sessions are £6 (or £5 during off peak hours 7am-3pm)

Calendar Week Memberships

You may purchase a calendar week membership for £14.00. Calendar weeks start on a Monday and end on the Sunday. Regardless of which day of the week you join, calendar week memberships will expire at the end of business hours on the Sunday.

Special Offers | Online Discounts

Buy a 6 or 10 week membership online and save 10% Click here»

Senior Membership - Off Peak

Persons aged 55+ qualify our off-peak monthly membership rate which is £19.95/month. Off-peak hours are Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, last entry 3pm. Sat & Sun hours are also included.