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Bizz Gym Rules

Mostly we just appreciate you show common sense and courtesy towards other gym users but here are some particular rules for your attention:

Appropriate gym attire must be worn. No denims, no canvas, no combats, no work-wear, no shoes, boots, bare-feet or open toe footwear.

We do not permit the use of lifting chalk or similar.

No deliberate dropping or slamming down of weights – what you see on a YouTube channel may not be safe or acceptable in the real world!

The management have a duty of care to keep the gym safe. Please ensure that  between and after your sets, you re-rack weights, you keep walkways clear and you are not creating any potential trip hazards.

No gym bags to be taken into the gym area. Please store your belongings in the lockers provided in the changing rooms or at the coat-rack in the gym.

The management cannot accept responsibility for loss/damage to your unattended possessions, even from the coat-rack, for security please use the lockers.

Please onyly use lockers whilst you are at the gym. Any belongings left in a locker over night will be removed and placed into lost property. After 14 days, unclaimed items in lost property will be disposed of or donated to charity.

No transfer of equipment between various zones, e.g. no equipment in or out of the studio, no equipment in or out of the free-weights area. Please refer to signage in the gym regarding this.

Please do not take photographs or videos on the premises or post remarks or imagery to the internet that could identify another member.

We dont mind the use of mobile phones but if you are going to use your phone please vacate the equipment.

Do not conduct any Personal Training business with other members.

The gym parking spaces are only for gym members and ONLY whilst using the facility.

Please vacate the premises before closing time.

Class Bookings

If you have a ‘classes included’ membership you must use the Gymsync app to make your class bookings.

Please arrive in good time for the class. If the class has started you will forfeit your booking and may not be allowed entry.

Please let us know at reception when you are here to attend a class so we may ‘check you in’. Failure to attend and check into a class you have booked will be recorded as a ‘no-show’

If you need to cancel a booking you may do so using the GymSync app up to one hour before the class, this at least gives anyone on the reserve list a bit of an opportunity to get in.

Failure to cancel with at least one hours notice will be recorded as a no-show.

If you have two recorded ‘no-shows’ in an eight day period you will be temporarily suspended from the app for 5 days.

Suspended from the app does not mean you are suspend from attending classes but while suspended you do lose the ability to use the app and the 7 day booking period it allows.

If suspended from the app you may book at reception or phone up to TWO days in advance. If there are no spaces on the class we cannot add you to the reserve list, that is only possible with the app.

For short-term members, we shall send you a reminder via text and/or email shortly before your membership expires. If you wish to extend your membership please be sure to arrange to do so before it actually expires because once your membership has expired, any class space you have booked after your expiry will be deleted without further notice in order to free space for current members.

There are periods during the year when classes do become very busy and fully booked. Though we continually endeavour to manage membership levels and attendance we cannot guarantee you will always be able to secure a place on all the classes you wish to attend.